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A group of women at a business meeting


Communication Skills Trainer

Communication skills training involves teaching someone how to enhance their speech, body language, and behavior, among other things. Having communication skills empowers people and gives them the confidence to seize opportunities and create a positive personal image. Having good communication skills enable individuals to work well with others in order to accomplish their goals.

A communication skills training program typically includes the following modules:

  • Confidence Building for Effective Communication

  • Importance of Positive Attitude for Effective Communication

  • Importance of Self Awareness/Self Analysis

  • Tips for Effective Speaking

  • Tips for Effective Interpersonal Skills

  • Conversational Skills 

  • Effective Communication during Meetings

  • Importance of Effective Telephone Skills 

  • Importance of Voice, Tone, and Speed

  • Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

  • Importance of Body Language

  • Power of Active Listening

  • E-mail Etiquette

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